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About OLPS

Our Lady’s is a Catholic Parish School that upholds the gospel values of love, faith, hope and justice. We follow the example of Jesus and Mary in fostering our relationship with God. As an active and committed learning community, we strive to provide an innovative, stimulating, balanced and inclusive curriculum that reflects current educational developments. Respect for individuality and cultural diversity is fostered by developing a sense of belonging and self-worth, enabling us to become responsible members of the local and global community.

Principal’s Message

Our school is a dynamic and welcoming community with strong partnership between school, home and parish. Inspired by the model of Jesus Christ, we welcome families from many different cultures who bring a richness and diversity to our country and our school community.

Our Lady’s has a dedicated and dynamic staff committed to providing quality teaching and learning in a safe, welcoming and well-resourced environment. We thank you for entrusting your child to our school. Parents are encouraged to take every opportunity to become involved with school activities and in particular, the continual interest in the educational progress of your child. Our aim is to provide a positive, student-centred and educationally stimulating learning environment. The students will have a range of opportunities to practise and improve positive social skills and be encouraged to become independent learners and thinkers.

We offer a rich and diverse program for all year levels, including;

  • a fully equipped Visual Arts Centre
  • up to date e-learning technologies including a class based STEM program
  • a fully equipped and interactive Library
  • a dedicated gymnasium used for our comprehensive Physical Education program.
  • a fully equipped Music Education Centre 

We look forward to your involvement with Our Lady’s School and trust that a close and effective working relationship between the school and home can be established in order to ensure the satisfactory and continual educational development of all children.

Policies and Reports


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Child Safety

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